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Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Roy Saito

As a proud member of the Kaua'i community, I stand with you and ready to act on important issues we are facing.  I have raised a family, enjoyed being an active parent in our schools, ran small businesses, and rolled up my sleeves for you during times of hardship.  

A Proud Parent 

I have been a member fo the Kaua'i community for decades. He has seen his daughters go through local elementary and intermediate-high schools. Passionate about the importance of parenting and the quality of education, I enjoyed volunteered at events, fundraisers, and performances with his children. I never missed a May Day performance, and always tried to add to the joy of children's lives by spearheading celebrations and chaperoning at school excursions.


I recognize that the island's children are our mantel - our future. I will support and improve access and quality of education on the island for your children of all ages.  And, he hopes to create more opportunities to ensure that children have a choice and a chance after high school at a good life and opportunities here on the island to slow the exodus of young people driven by economic and educational factors.

A Community Servant - the heart of it all

After seeing a need for better access to medical supplies and services through my experience working in physical therapy, I founded CHP Medical Supplies.  For over a decade, I devoted my time visiting elderly, impaired persons, and those with special needs checking on their well-being, hand delivering medical supplies, and offering to complete installation or assembly as a full-service and relationship-building approach to his business.  For me, measuring success meant meeting the needs of the people he serves, building relationships, and improving their quality of life.  This experience carries into the core of  passion and built who he is today.  

The community has grown and  over all of the ups and downs we face together, I'm optimistic that we will continue to improve. The recent floods remind us of a time after Hurricane Iniki in 1992 where homes were destroyed, families faced homelessness, and we relied on the emergency response teams and community volunteers.  Instead of turning on each other, we came together to support one another. Without question, neighbors - including myself - went house to house cleaning, rebuilding, and ensuring the well-being of all. Time and time again, our community grows stronger and closer together in the face of adversity. This sense of community and a earnest desire for creating a future that works for all of us is the foundation of Roy's mission statement  - Building a better future together.  

A Pragmatic, Accountable, and Fiscally Responsibly Business Owner

Since 2010, Roy has been the President of Gold Express, Inc. running a precious metal trading business which in turn supplies access to liquidity for community traders. His business experience results in a great understanding of the way small business operate on Kaua'i and about accountability, budgeting, fiscal responsibility, and regulations.  He will bring this knowledge and sensibility to the County Council.

A Dedicated Resident

I felt a call-to-action to run for Kaua'i Council seeing first-hand that local government has not done enough for its residents. Much of our room for growth is interrelated.  Wages are not keeping up the with cost of living, housing and the rental market has turned for the worse, government overreach and heavier regulation stifle small business success, and the insecurities of our narrow industry lessen our local economy's ability to be nimble in response to stress and declines in tourism.  My problem-solution and practical approach to government will help cut through the red tape and fluff to make a real difference on the island.

As a community member, business owner, and family man, I'm tuned in to your realities where systems, policies, and government could and should work better for you.  The quality of life for the people of Kauai needs to improve.  Let's build a better future together.


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Deadlines - Primary: August 13, 2022
General: November 8, 2022
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